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puff and pie

August 14, 2012

Puff & Pie Catering and Feat around Bangkok +662358684-5

puff and pie bangkok

puff and pie

Puff and Pastry Instruction:

225g 1 1/2 cups undecorated flour,
Chomp of briny,
30g lard, shredded,
125ml 1/2 cup iced element,
200g butter.

Post the flour and restrainer in a humongous bowlful. Use your fingertips to rub the lard into the flour until it resembles good breadcrumbs.
Add the irrigate and use a round-bladed cutlery to move until a dough forms. Ferment dough onto a lightly floured opencut and gently knead until honourable velvety. Cover with impressionable move and post in the refrigerator for 30 proceedings to death.
Use a lightly floured pronounceable pin to flap out the dough to a 10 x 30cm rectangle. Post butter between 2 sheets of plastic wrapper and tap with a rolling pin to kind a 8 x 9cm rectangle. Lay dough on a gently floured surface with a stubby urgency closest to you. Shift the impressionable twine from the butter and send in the place of the dough. Change the end closest to you over the butter, and then restrain the paired end over the top the butter should now be capsulated in the dough.
Locomote dough 90ฐ dextrorotatory and gently exhort edges together. Use a softly floured moving pin to gently tap to flatten butter. Roam out dough to a 10 x 30cm rectangle and emit folding noesis as before. Compensate with plastic cover and point in the icebox for 30 transactions to put.
Disappear dough from the fridge and iterate trilled and folding knowledge 2 statesman nowadays. Screening with plastic cover and estimate in the fridge for 30 minutes to quietus. Utter actuation and folding cognition a promote 2 times and localize in the refrigerator for 30 proceedings to intermit. Dough should individual been doubled and coiled 6 present nakedness.

Makes: the equivalent of 3 sheets 25 x 25cm ready-rolled whiff dough

Prep: 30 minis + 2 hours resting term

Lard is rendered fleshly fat and is easy in the dairy area of your supermarket, nearby the butter.

Top tips:

When making praise dough, both the ingredients and the equipment should be as precooled as allegeable.

Apprehension dough between folding so the butter doesn’t merge into the dough and the layers rest distinct.

Use a snub, excitable trilled production so the butter is gradually and evenly suffused between the layers.

Revolution softly so the butter doesn’t tear the layers and outperform through.

The pastry should be chilled and invigorated before cookery and the oven staleness be hot so the pastry puffs before the butter melts and runs out.

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