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puff pie

November 14, 2011

Meat Puff and Pie Container with Curried within.

You don’t have to hassle about braising the meat with this ultra- straightforward curry, and if you use a great-good quality puff pastry on the top Per centu2013 I’m at present keen on usually the one by Dorset Pastry %u2013 you have everybody tricked.

Assists puff and pie to 4-6 people

  • A single kilograms or 2lb toss or blade meal
  • Three tablespoons of simple flour.
  • Two tbsp of moderate curry powdered ingredients.
  • One particular tablespoons of delicate darkish sugars .
  • Seashore sea salt .
  • Freshly terrain black pepper .
  • 400gAnd13oz jar sliced tomato plants .
  • A single significant onion, lower into slender wedges .
  • 300g/10oz carrots, peeled and sliced .
  • 3cm part clean cinnamon, minimize into matchsticks 250gOr8oz mushrooms, halved .
  • 500mlAnd17fl ounce gound beef share .
  • 375gPer12oz linen all set-manufactured use the e-cig pastry One particular ovum, gently. defeated.

To serve Crusty loaf of bread with Environmentally friendly greens:

Pre-heat the cooker to 180C or 350F or Petrol at 4. Minimize the ground beef into 2cm portions. Position the flour, curry powdered, sweets, salt and pepper in a very bowl and wake to combine. Increase the ground beef and throw to layer, then move to a casserole meal. Increase the tomatoes, red onion, carrots, cinnamon, weeds and meat share and blend to mix. Deal with and cook inside the oven for two hours, mixing from time to time, or before gravy has thickened somewhat and the ground beef and celery are soft.
You need a 2.2 actu for each three pint cake meal or 6 250mlPer7fl ounces individual quiche food. Employing a recipe upside-down as a guide, reduce a round of pastry for that quiche covers, enabling an extra 1cm at all times.

Table spoon the beef filling up to the cake meals and cover with the pastry tops, pressing down the edges round the edge. Make a slit inside prime having a razor-sharp chef’s knife. You are able to refrigerate the pies at this stage if organizing ahead of time.

When willing to prepare, brush the pastry with egg and make within the cooker before the crust is fantastic Per-centu2013 permit 35-40 minutes for any significant quiche, 20-25 min’s for individual pies.

Serve with crusty bread to clean up the marinade along with a sharp green greens.

The best Bangkok puff and pie: Sathon 4, near saldang bts, north sathon road, Bang Rak, Bangkok, Thailand. 02-235-8684-5 ,

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